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3d Packshots

3d images of products, packaging & labeling

Visualisation, prototypes and creative advertising imagery

3d images are a cost effective partner to photography.

Where no physical product, packaging or labeling exists, photorealistic images and mockups can be produced for market research to test variations and formats.

A flexible approach to 3d illustration opens up creative possibilities to show the product in creative settings.


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3d Packshot Services

Product, Packaging & Labeling

Visualisation of the product, its packaging and labeling in a variety of colours, styles, materials and finishes


Technical modelling and prototyping of consumer products, business equipment and machinery

Advertising Imagery

Magazines, Year Books and printed media

For reuse on websites, eshots and other digital media

Concepts and creative renderings

High quality photorealistic images with smart, contemporary lighting

Products, packaging and labelling rendered to create impact

Simple virtual studio setup or use of more elaborate scenes with appropriate props

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